Padideh Shandiz Construction

Padideh Shandiz Construction Company (LLC) was registered in Mashhad’s Deeds and properties registration office on September 11th 2009 under registry number 36527.

Company’s field of activity:

·        Management and supervision of all urban, road and building construction

·        Management and supervision of creating residential, administrative and commercial complexes and urban infrastructure establishments

·        Management and Supervision of the reconstruction of urban context and construction of satellite townships in the country and abroad

·        Management and Supervision of the reconstruction and reinforcement of old urban context

·        Construction and launch of factories in accordance to national interests

·        Commercial and business activities namely buying and selling and importing and exporting of all licensed goods including machinery, tools, spare parts, raw material and other necessities, distributing them; and after being granted the required permissions, taking any business action in general which directly or indirectly involves the item in question.

22. The board

Padideh Shandiz Construction Company’s  board members are as follows:

Members of the board


Mohsen Pahlavan Moghadam


Saeed Voroudi Torghabeh

Vice president and managing director

Mohamadreza Ryahi

Member of the Board

Alireza Yazdani Langaroudi

Member of the Board

Aliakbar Abdi Farimiani

Member of the Board

23. The Company’s Projects and Activities

Padideh Shandiz Construction Company’s main project is Padideh Shandiz Holiday, Entertainment and Shopping Center, built in 50 acres of land with 1,110,000 square meters of building area in Shandiz city center. The complex aims to be an important trade and entertainment destination, offering its services to the 3 million Mashhad residents and the 27 million annual visitants of Imam Reza’s holy Shrine.  The complex comprises of various sectors each yielding visitors an unparalleled experience;

1.      The great Shopping center

2.      Residential Apartment Building

3.      The five-star Hotel

4.      Office Building

5.      Botanic Garden and Permanent flowers and plants Exhibition

6.      Cultural Center

7.      Water Park

8.      Indoor Amusement Park

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